Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Review: Maya & The Tough Guy (Big Girl Panties #2)

Maya & The Tough Guy by Carter Ashby

Publisher: Carter Ashby, 2015
327 pages, kindle edition
Source: Purchased though Amazon
Genre: New Adult, Contemporary, Romance
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Synopsis (from Goodreads):
Maya Bradley is on her own now. With the help of her dear friends, Zoey and Addy, she’s determined to give her children the lives they deserve, away from their abusive father. But the journey is destined to be difficult, and she meets her first roadblock when she asks sexy, tattooed bar owner, Jayce Gilmore, for a job serving drinks.

Jayce has two reasons for not wanting to hire Maya. One: she deserves a more respectable job. And two: he’s been madly in love with her since he was a young boy. But when he finally realizes how desperate she is for work, he has no choice but to bring her on.

With Maya struggling to earn a living, get an education, and raise two children, Jayce finally finds himself in a position to help her. And though she isn’t interested in a relationship, Maya is showing definite signs of physical attraction. Jayce is sure he can keep his love hidden and fulfill her every fantasy. Unfortunately, he has severely underestimated the needs of his heart. As the moment of truth fast approaches, Maya must decide whether to break a tough guy's heart, or open her fragile soul to the risks that come with loving again.

My Review:
This novel along with zoey and the nice guy (first book in the series) talk about abuse – physical, mental, sexual and also neglect – I thought the author handled these subjects well, but things seemed to be resolved with little effort. Also you had the chance to view the characters from different angels and how abuse affected them.

Maya and Jayce are our main characters. Maya is fresh out of an abusive marriage, who also had an abusive home life. Maya was dealt a crap life. But she had the best friends anyone could ask for, they gave her the love and support she needed. Maya is getting back on her feet, she was a difficult character for me at times and other times I loved her. While I understood her background, her current behavior would piss me off at times, especially in regards to her judgmental feelings towards Jayce. Her insensitivity made her less likeable, though I did empathized with her and her circumstances. Jayce, who has been in love with Maya since forever, was endearing and trying hard to be a sensitive friend for Maya, really felt for the guy. But Jayce who also came from an abusive childhood tends to shield his emotions and has some difficulty communicating. So together they made for an interesting read. Would be such a lovely couple one minute and then the next you’re yelling and screaming no!!! Cause their fears and feelings would shake things up.

But all in all this was such an enjoyable read with characters that are both frustrating and fascinating. There were things that I didn’t like during the read but it was still enjoyable. I look forward to reading Addy’s story.

My Rating:

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