Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Review: Orlando (Blackmail #1)

Orlando (Blackmail #1) by Crystal Spears

Publisher: Crystal Spears Books, 2014
51 pages, kindle edition
Source: Purchased through Amazon
Genre: New Adult, Romance, Contemporary
Links: Goodreads | Amazon

Synopsis (from Goodreads):
He was no good for me, I knew that. Something about him called to me. If he were a merman he would beckon me with a siren call. Orlando and I have played this game of tug of war since as far back as I can remember.

He wants me, I want him and yet we do nothing about it. But when we graduate high school and go our separate ways and I’m on set and he’s sitting in the producers chair; I run as fast as I can but it just wasn’t fast enough.

He knew I was an actress but he had no idea I traveled overseas to work in the porn industry and I had no clue he did as well.
There’s just one small problem. He’s married, or in the midst of getting a divorce. I won’t believe it until I see it, so until then, he’s just my boss and I’m just his hired porn actress.
I’ve thought about quitting this job and just going back to the states early, but that one damn name, the one that flows off my tongue keeps me here.


My Review:
Man I'm such a big fan of Crystal Spears Breakneck series, So you can understand why I had to read this when she changed from an MC series to an actress making a porn film, with her long time childhood friend and crush directing looked fun so I had to give it a try.

This a really short and sassy serial but the author is doing something nobody else has done before...adding on the next two books in the series to this first one for free, so when you buy the original here like I did, you will get an updated file as she finishes the next two. Genius idea and so generous since too many authors nowadays make you buy each tiny installment separately!

I laughed and generally had fun with this one. It's not really a serious book at all but does have a little blackmail storyline to go along with the romance. Some sexy time as well. Orlando is unlike her biker books in that it is not explicit and crude, no bloody violence (yet...who knows what's coming in the next two books) and reads very quickly...most of the book taking place in real life and some parts being the film script and action on the set.

My Rating:

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