Hey there!!!! And welcome to Butterfly Fly Away Reads, I'm book enthusiast and ravenous reader. It is never a crime to be a bookworm and I have to confess because I am one. A good book and a nice yummie steamy cup of hot chocolate and a good beat of music is a lovely way for me to start my day. When its time to hit the sack I snuggle up and get warm with a book. When I was a little girl I hated being stuck inside and locked up but when I started high school I started taking  books out from the local library and found that i enjoyed it very much. Here I am today, starting to Blogg about it, YAY!!!! I'm extremely excited.
  • Love love books
  • Want to converse with other book-loving people
I love Fantasy/Paranormal/Romance/Chick-Lit/Mystery and New Adult but mainly YA. Favorite books would have to be the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling/Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer/Embrace series by Jessica Shirvington and Fallen series by Lauren Kate plus more. I'm also a BIG fan of L. J. Smith and Nicolas Sparks.

I love books that keep you there in the moment (blocking everything out that is going on around you, this happens to me all the time with a really good book) and wanting to know what happens next, with dash of danger here and heart gripping dash of romance there, and book that takes me from reality and into the pages of a great book is a hands-down winner to me!!!!