Monday, February 16, 2015

Review: Hush (Senses #4)

Hush (Senses #4) by Xavier Neal

Publisher: Not available, 2014
129 pages, kindle edition
Source: Purchased through Amazon
Genre: New Adult, Romance, Contemporary, Sports, Erotica
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Synopsis (from Goodreads):
Logan "Unbreakable" Kellar finally has everything he's always wanted in life. When a career opportunity, that could jeopardize everything, comes along, he's put back in the position where he's spent most of his life. Torn. Now, Logan has a hard hitting choice to make. Tell the only girl he's ever loved exactly what he's feeling or fall back on old habits and keep his feelings on the Hush.

My Review:
Logan is well as we know sexual but he takes that to a whole new level where Maxx is concerned, "carefully, I slide my body across his, and yank the noisemaker up right as it stops. Son of a bxxxx. Logan's hips roll under me as he says on a yawn. "Seriously? Again? We just had sex like an hour ago." Our girl Maxx likes to tease Logan so it's always fun when that happens because well it's Logan we like him to suffer sometimes, "his dxxx twitches like it heard me, so I wiggle to let it know we're on the same page.

Logan growls and gives me a good pop on the axx, which leaves a little bit of a sting." If you haven't guessed it from the other books you'll notice Logan is seriously an axx man like he's slapping Maxx's axx, here, there everywhere he can get his hands on that axx, "rolling his eyes he yanks up his shorts, pops me on the axx, and chuckles. "Make me some money, woman!" Something was totally up with Maxx this time around actually there was three or four things, I would love to list them to know what to be on the lookout for but that would a buzzkill so just remember to pay attention to this book for little clues as to what's going down, and I don't mean Logan, he's always going down on Maxx.

My Rating:

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