Saturday, February 7, 2015

ARC Review: Her Big Sky Cowboy (The Wildflower Ranch #3)

Her Big Sky Cowboy (The Wildflower Ranch #3) by Alissa Callen

Publisher:b Tule Publishing, 2015
127 pages, kindle edition
Source: Netgalley
Genre: New Adult, Romance, Contemporary, Western
Links: Goodreads | Amazon

Synopsis (from Goodreads):
Sometimes Mr. Wrong is Mr. Right.

Speech therapist, Trinity Redfern, knows her perfect match is out there somewhere. And when she finds him he’ll be articulate, well-dressed and most of all he will let her call the shots.

Reclusive rancher, Zane Nash, has heeded life’s lessons. Never trust anyone, especially a woman. But when he becomes an instant father to five-year-old Finn, he must trust the sassy speech therapist who takes over his ranch for the summer. Trinity is Finn’s last hope to learn to speak again.

But when the summer ends has time run out not only for Finn but also for Zane? Can the reserved cowboy find the words to make strong-willed Trinity stay … forever.

My Review:
Haha little Finn does his best to steal the show in this story. He was so amazing and adorable, and they both Zane and trinity care for him was wonderful. Zane and Trinity have a sizzling connection and a pull between them, they fight it for what seems like a long time but they both have their own reasons. Zane is weary to trust again after the cards of life he has been dealt to him, his disappointments both with Finn’s mum (we New Zealanders and Australians say mum) and his own parents have taught him not to trust anyone. Trinity cannot believe that the stubborn, determined cowboy could be her “one”. It just does not fit for what she had in her mind.

The summer in Montana is at its best lots of things are happening events from the farm are pulled into the story, fitted in well with its development of their relationship. Another part of this story is Finn he is the big part, his adjustment to school coming in the fall (also known as autumn here in Australia and New Zealand), and the love and care Zane and Trinity has for him. But also some of the drama and trouble from both of their childhoods are handled in a very positive manner. The ending drama brought a lot of tears to my eyes because of Finn. But pretty much overall this story was really great, even though it was a fast, light read I enjoyed this book very much. Looking forward to hear more from this author.

 My Rating:

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