Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Review: Looking For You (Oh Captain, My Captain #1)

Looking For You (Oh Captain, My Captain #1) by Lindsay Paige & Mary Smith

Publisher: Lindsay Paige & Mary Smith, 2014
159 pages, kindle edition
Source: Purchased through Amazon
Genre: New Adult, Young Adult, Romance, Sports
Links: Goodreads | Amazon

Synopsis (from Goodreads):
Oh Captain, My Captain presents Hudson King of the Portland Vikings.

Hudson King loves his job and his family. His life is missing that someone special, and he’s ready to settle down. He has the bad luck of only finding women who want him for his money and fame. If only he could meet someone who didn’t know him by his profession...

Ellie Sullivan has had a hard life. It’s revolved around her family, and then her career, leading her to never have a real relationship. One night in Portland, Ellie strikes up a conversation with a guy at a bar, not knowing that it was the Hudson King...

After several dates, Hudson is able to avoid Ellie figuring out what is really happening in his life. However, the secret can’t remain hidden. Will Ellie stay with Hudson after she discovers his lie? Or will Hudson lose the girl he’s been looking for?

My Review:
I am blown away by Mary and Lindsay!!! They did it. It was a fantastic read and I read this book in 1 sitting and couldn't for the life of me put it down. This book has pretty much everything you are looking for in a book. I loved the amazing characters, the awesome story line, the hot steamy romance and of course becoming a favorite of mine in books is the hockey!!!! I would recommend you give this book a (it might not be for you, but at least you gave it a go). Absolutely can't wait for the next one.

My Rating:

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