Monday, January 26, 2015

ARC Review: A Father's Fight (Fighting #5)

A Father's Fight (Fighting #5) by JB Salsbury

Publisher: Not available at the moment, 2014
158 pages, kindle edition
Source: Give Me Books
Genre: New Adult, Romance, Contemporary, Sports
Links: Goodreads | Amazon

Synopsis (from Goodreads):
Life changes in the span of a heartbeat. One, tiny heartbeat.

Blake and Layla have lived through disappointment and regret, only finally finding relief with the powerful love they have for each other. A love they intend to fight to keep.

They’ve had to forgive each other, but can they truly move forward without facing the pain of the past?

Layla’s been avoiding the phone calls. Nine months pregnant and exhausted, she doesn’t want the complication. But she can’t run from the truth. Whoever’s calling was there eighteen years ago. Unlike her, he remembers the night that changed the course of her life, and he’s ready to talk.

Blake’s preoccupied with an email, a few simple sentences sent through cyberspace that have the capability to rob him of his sanity, his freedom, and the people he loves most in the world. When he’s called home for a mysterious reason, leaving Layla isn’t ideal, but hope for reconciliation combined with his brother’s secrecy ignites a curiosity he refuses to ignore.

Putting the pain behind them is no longer an option.

To get the answers they need, they must face the past and open up old wounds that threaten to bleed them dry.

My Review:
The first novel I picked up of Mrs. Salsbury was Fighting For Flight, Jonah and Raven's story. First introductions are always the best and this series just keeps getting better and better, and I have brought every book since. This is the sequel to Blake and Layla's story Fighting To Forgive, and this book will not disappoint you at all.

With the upcoming birthday of their child everything is perfect until both their pasts come back to bring up old memories that they would just much rather forget and move on with their lives. But sometimes you need to face your pasts head on and understand why things happen. Both Blake and Layla do exactly that and what they both find out shocks them to their core but it also helps them to see there strengths in who they have become today, sometimes a father's love can cloud their judgement.

I love the chemistry between Blake and Layla. The love that Blake has for Axelle is unreal. Creating a baby doesn't automatically make you a father. But what you do with the love and time spending with your child, that is what makes you a dad and you come to appreciate all of the little things in life.

My Rating:

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