Saturday, October 4, 2014

ARC Review: Play Date (Play Makers #3)

Play Date (Play Makers #3) by Kate Donovan

Publisher: Beyond The Pages, 2014
349 pages, ebook
Source: Netgalley
Genre: Romance, Sports


When quarterback Johnny Spurling cancels his blind date with Rachel Gillette on account of matrimony, she cheerfully agrees to a substitution—Sean Decker, another hunk in pro football’s feared Triple Threat. But love doesn’t spark between the adorable kicker and the kindergarten teacher, and she wonders if she’s destined to sit on the bench forever.

No one is crazy enough to match Rachel with the third member of the Triple Threat. Bam Bannerman is Thor-like of body, potty of mouth, and hot as hell. And when he spots the classy blonde at Johnny’s wedding, he’s determined to have some fun. Sure, she’s prim and proper, but he’s Bam, isn’t he? So no problem.

To Rachel, who’s tired of being ignored and rejected, the rowdy halfback is a hilarious change of pace. They sneak away, he rocks her world, then she fondly bids him farewell.

But Bam isn’t done scoring, and before Rachel knows what’s hit her she’s enjoying weekly hookups with the irrepressible stud. When a heartsick Sean signals he might want to get back into the game, she suddenly finds herself with her hands full—and discovers her arms, and maybe even her heart, are full too.

My Review:
I started this book when I was on a book high and Kate Donovan not only sustained it, she set the bar really high for the next book I read. An unlikely couple that somehow are so right together even when they and everyone around them thinks they are a horrible match. A hero with no filter, a smart and sassy heroine, an amazing cast of secondary characters, a romance that both the hero and heroine aren't aware is happening, a captivating side story, and some hot, raunchy, and amazingly spectacular sex makes Play Date author Kate Donovan's best work yet.

I don't know what's wrong with me that I adore a hero who is so completely inappropriate, but there is something about Vince "Bam" Bannerman that I completely love. He's like one of those big puppies whose body is too big for its feet and he's all over the place but you just can't help but scratch his ears and give him hugs and kisses. The thing is there is way more to Bam than meets the eye; he's smart, caring, and has a huge heart but he's also bawdy, crazy, and doesn't quite know when to stop talking. Most of all he sees Rachel Gillette, wants her and goes after her which is just what she needs at the time.

The thing I love most about Rachel is that she's a beautiful woman but doesn't realize it. She's been told time and time again by men that they don't approach her because they figure she's with someone or because she's out of the league but she is just so unassuming. She rarely gets hit on by men, so when Bam approaches her at a wedding after making the most inappropriate toast that includes the men that have not "banged" her and then he proceeds to do just that. I swear, for a short time I wondered if the straight laced kindergarten teacher had lost her mind, but then I was right there with her loving the way Bam lives life by just grabbing hold and not letting go. Rachel is just one of those all around good people; she's dedicated to her job and loves it; she is a loyal friend even when she probably shouldn't be, and she loves with her whole self.

Bam and Rachel have the most interesting "un-relationship" on the planet and while Rachel really had a great outlook on it and was doing her best to accept that is was just a temporary thing she had no idea that Bam was totally invested because he isn't one to really share his thoughts and feelings and he has quite the reputation as a man who enjoys variety. I love the friendship that developed between them, their unguarded moments, their explosive couplings, the tender moments and everything in between. To be honest I can't remember a time when I enjoyed a couple this much! I would like to note though that while their growing relationship was front and center there were a couple of side stories going on that were pretty integral to the plot and added a lot of depth to an already full story.

My Rating:

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