Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Review: Crash (Crash #1)

Crash (Crash #1) by Nicole Williams

Publisher: Haperteen/Harpercollins, 2012
384 pages, paperback
Source: Purchased through Book Depository 
Genre: Young Adult, New Adult, Romance, Contemporary, Chick Lit 

Synopsis (from Goodreads):
Southpointe High is the last place Lucy wanted to wind up her senior year of school. Right up until she stumbles into Jude Ryder, a guy whose name has become its own verb, and synonymous with trouble. He's got a rap sheet that runs longer than a senior thesis, has had his name sighed, shouted, and cursed by more women than Lucy dares to ask, and lives at the local boys home where disturbed seems to be the status quo for the residents. Lucy had a stable at best, quirky at worst, upbringing. She lives for wearing the satin down on her ballet shoes, has her sights set on Juilliard, and has been careful to keep trouble out of her life. Up until now.

Jude's everything she needs to stay away from if she wants to separate her past from her future. Staying away, she's about to find out, is the only thing she's incapable of.

For Lucy Larson and Jude Ryder, love's about to become the thing that tears them apart.

My Review:
Lucy Larson is an elite belle dancer which is all she wants to be in life and in her future, with a very dysfunctional family cause by a family tragedy which is causing her way more problems than she wants, she really doesn't want or need her life to change way more than it needs to be. Starting a new school after her summer break, Lucy meets Mr. Bad Boy Jude Ryder and its instant cliche love at first sight. But the funny thing is he does not do the whole girlfriend thing, Jude doesn't do anything but I’ll give you 3 guesses….except committing felonies and giving people a hiding.

But Lucy and Jude have a connection that some people just can’t explain but you know that is unquestionable, but with all the warnings he has given her to stay away. Ms Lucy Larson just can’t resist temptation of the guy who is a big rebel, she is spending her whole school year ruining her future just to be with him. Crash is very addictive love story that funny enough you can’t seem to want to put down when you begin to read the first word. I so badly want to make a better Jude just as much as Lucy wants to, but I also hurt as bad as she does when everything doesn't go to according her plan.

My Rating:


  1. This is one of my favorites! Clash is even more intense. Although Crush was a little disappointing, but worth it in the end (Just because of the epilogue) Glad you enjoyed it!

    1. I still need to read the 2nd and last one im a little scared about reading them cause i dont want to be disappointed, But also never judge a book by there cover and reviews. So i'll make it sure I read them this year