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Review: Technomancer (Unspeakable Things #1)

Technomancer (Unspeakable Things #1) by B.V. Larson

Publisher: 47 North, 2013

369 pages, kindle edition
Source: Free through Amazon

Synopsis (from Goodreads):

After a man dies in a Las Vegas car accident, it's discovered that his internal organs are filled with sand. And then Quentin Draith wakes up in a private sanatorium, severely injured and with no memory of who he is. Are these strange incidents related? And if so, how deadly are the answers?

Draith doesn’t know who he is, but after escaping he slowly learns what he is. An investigator and blogger specializing in the supernatural, he begins to piece together his life—and the accident that took away his memories. He discovers that he is a special breed, a person with relatives of great age and power, all of whom mistrust or even hate him. And when he falls under suspicion for a series of murders involving seemingly mundane objects, Quentin’s search for the truth behind his identity becomes a desperate race to clear his name.

Bristling with energy and almost unbearable suspense, Technomancer: Unspeakable Things #1 is the first in best-selling author B. V. Larson’s thrilling new series that will draw you to the edge of your seat and chill you to the bone.

My Review:

This was OK. I listened to the audio version. It had some really interesting and unusual ideas. Starting as it did, with the main character waking up with no memory it sucks you in very easily. It's set in Las Vegas which should have made it even more fascinating - but somehow didn't.

I think the reason it's getting 3 stars is that the characters were all a bit cardboard. The crooked cop (who's name I have no idea how to spell thanks to have listened not read) was one of the best characters and yet - we didn't find out a single thing about his motivation, his personal life, his history - anything really - and he's in the whole book.

You might be thinking well obviously it was filled with action then? Not really - it was filled with a lot of the same actions.

I think the ideas will stay with me - but the characters won't. It's not a bad book if I was trapped on a plane with nothing to read and someone offered me the sequel I'd accept it happily - but with so many more interesting books to my To-Read list I probably won't ever seek it out.

My Rating:

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