Monday, September 15, 2014

ARC Review: Here In My Heart: A Novella (Echoes of the Heart)

Here In My Heart: A Novella (Echoes of the Heart) by Anna DeStefano

Publisher: Montlake Romance, 2014
163 pages, kindle edition
Source: Netgalley

Synopsis (from Goodreads):
Live and work together, or lose everything that matters…

The ultimatum tilts Dru Hampton’s contented life in Chandlerville, Georgia, on its ear. The man that Vivian, her cantankerous boss and benefactor, wants Dru to partner with—live with—is Brad Douglas, who’s let Dru down every way a man can.

Sheriff’s deputy Brad Douglas has come a long way since his rebellious youth. He’s back home to care for Vivian, his ill grandmother. He’s stayed out of Dru’s way all these years to make up for the hurt he once caused her. Now, the delightfully mischievous Vivian’s dying wish is for them to rebuild at least a working relationship together…and she’s betting on them rediscovering much more.

The family business and the Douglas home that Dru and Brad both cherish will be sold if they don’t resolve their differences. Can these childhood sweethearts make up and reclaim each other’s hearts before it’s too late?

My Review:
This is a short story, I read it in less than one day. I have found that I really enjoy a good short story, if the author is able to get to me to connect to the characters in that short time I am reading. Anna DeStefano was able to not only get me to connect, but to get me to become friends with Dru and Brad and the rest of the small town they live in. I did not want the family restaurant to be sold or their house to be sold. Dru and Brad had to figure out how to reconnect and not hurt each other.

There were a few times that I found myself wondering where something was heading, but soon enough I found out and was thrilled. I loved the secondary characters, especially the kids that Dru was teaching self confidence and defense to. The fact that they were all foster children, yet they considered them all truly related made me smile.

This is a sweet and loving story that I will recommend to anyone looking for a quick and easy read.

My Rating:

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