Wednesday, March 11, 2015

ARC Review: Love & Other Lies (Destiny Romance #1)

Love & Other Lies by Madeline Ash

Publisher: Penguin Book (Destiny Romance), 2015
183 pgaes, kindle edition
Source: Netgalley
Release Date: January 20th 2015
Genre: New Adult, Romance, Contemporary
Links: Goodreads | Amazon US | Amazon AU | Amazon UK

Synopsis (from Goodreads):
Small town vet Abby Benson has fled to the country to put her shameful past behind her. She's just beginning to find her feet again when handsome stranger, Rue Thorn, arrives in town and begins to stir things up. Rue is gorgeous, kind and thoughtful and the two share an instant attraction. But convinced he'll despise her if he learns about her history, Abby reluctantly keeps him at arms length.

Determined to win Abby over, Rue tries to reshape himself as the sort of guy he thinks she might be interested in. And for a while it seems his act is working. But when he finds out that Abby has been lying to him, it isn't long before everything start to unravel …

A moving story of trust, forgiveness and the power of love from the author of Uncovered by Love and The Playboy's Dark Secret

My Review:
This story meets romance expectations very well, there is the initial meeting that draws out conflict and chemistry, there is something else that draws them together in this case it was an injured dog, there is increasing attraction and emotional intensity and there is some growth and change. But the conflict is unusual in this story the heroine Abby is a compulsive liar and lies of omission and secrets are common source of conflict but I have not seen a compulsive liar ever in a romance ever before now. And I have to tell it was weird but very different not common in books well romance books. But instead of Rue being the typical alpha male he is the constant nice guy something he tries and fails every time to change.

Some parts of the story worked better for me then others did. It was not the relationship I had a big problem with, or even the conflict and how that was handled. Instead it was more of the way Abby had all these people holding her accountable if she lied she could not stay in the town. That aspect did not sit well with me. But with all that being said Love & Other Lies was a real pleasure and a good way to pass time and it strikes an interest for reads looking for something sweet to escape too.

My Rating:

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