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ARC Review: Exposure (Exposure #1)

Exposure (Exposure #1) by Annie Jocoby

Publisher: Tobann Pulication, 2015
421 pages, kindle edition
Source: Netgalley
Release Date: January 16th 2015
Genre: New Adult, Romance, Contemporary
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Synopsis (from Goodreads):
Photographer CJ Parker is a woman who has literally not gone outside for the past six months. She’s been hiding from the world, and from life, ever since an unimaginable tragedy forced her into seclusion.

On the one day where she decides to finally venture outside, she meets the mysterious billionaire, Asher Sloane. Dark-headed, magnetic, and gorgeous, Asher drips sex and animal magnetism. He draws CJ out of her shell and into the world, while showing her things that she never knew existed.

What CJ doesn’t know is that Asher has a dangerous past. Behind his beautiful blue eyes and confident demeanor lies dark secrets that, if they are brought to light, could mean the end of CJ and Asher’s relationship.

Will the exposure of Asher’s past destroy them?

Warning: This book has plenty of hot and steamy sex scenes featuring an alpha male who knows what he wants and knows exactly how to get it.

My Review:
The book by this author is my first try and I was in the middle with this book (didn’t love it, didn’t hate it) but the overall of the book held a lot of merit for a good storyline, but however Jacoby made a fatal flaw when introducing her main characters. the instalust between CJ and Asher was completely unrealistic especially since CJ is suffering from a traumatic event and hasn’t ventured outside in well over 6 months. The fact that her first attempt to reenter the outside world left her passed out from a panic attack and then she later woke in a stranger’s apartment on the other side of town was just over the top.

Separately these two character’s back stories were really well written. Jacoby’s reveal of CJ’s traumatic event was brilliantly delivered at just the right time providing readers with what I call the maximum impact. Her later exposure of Asher’s secrets were also very well delivered, however the time the 2 characters spent together was completely about sex and held no real attraction. I would have loved to see the characters have a gradual build to an intimate relationship rather than have CJ open herself up and the next thing you know, BAM.

My Rating:
Author Bio:

Well, I'm just a tad nutty in real life. A bit scattered, a bit of a dreamer, never together. I wanted to originally create a character based upon myself, because I felt that people could relate to somebody who is decidedly imperfect. And have her get the dreamboat man, because, let's face it, we all want that, right ladies? That was my inspiration for the story of Iris and Ryan in my Illusions books. Those novels were so well-received, that I just decided to keep on keeping on. Scotty, the current heroine in my Broken novels, is so much more together than myself. So it’s been fun to write her. And Nick has turned into a revelation – he seems to be a bit of a tough guy who is nothing but a womanizer, but I’ve found his soft side. I’m a little bit, ok a lot, in love with Nick and Ryan myself, and who wouldn’t be? I'm having the time of my life writing these books, and I want to keep on writing them until my fans decide that they've had enough!

My books all have things in common: they all combine a touch of mystery and intrigue with drama, love, and lots of hot sex. Some of the books have action and even some criminal elements in them. My current book, in fact, is my first book that would be classified as straight romantic suspense, although it also combines definite elements of the thriller genre! If you're in the market for a book that is fast-paced, where the heroes are beautiful and wealthy, and the heroines are strong, vulnerable and flawed, then try these books out!

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