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Review: Vengeance Is Mine

Vengeance Is Mine by Kasey Millstead

Publisher: KM Book, 2014
200 pages, kindle edition
Source: Purchased through Amazon
Release Date: August 19th 2014
Genre: New Adult, Suspense, Romance, Death, Abuse, Contemporary, Mystery
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Synopsis (from Goodreads):
Target - Spades Motorcycle Club

They call me The Praying Mantis.

Because after I f*ck my target, I kill them.

Target - Spades MC

Vengeance is Mine is a dramatic tale of revenge by way of fatal fucking.

“Look what I did,” I say, grabbing a handful of his cock. “I’m such a naughty girl.” I rub my hand up and down, never breaking eye contact with him.

From USA Today bestselling author Kasey Millstead comes a book that will leave you gripping the edge of your seat as you live the life of Ella Moore. With a heart that's been hardened by the tragic death of her parents, she sets in motion a lethal chain of events that will eventually avenge her parents murders.

'Before my parent’s tragic death, I had never been vengeful person. I was nice, quiet, friendly and definitely a glass-half-full kind of girl.
But death has a way of changing everything.'

Ella Moore is the epitome of a badass.

My Review:
I really enjoyed this book, what would you do if you are away at college and get a call from home to get home as fast as you can. You get there and your whole world comes crashing down around you, both parents have been murdered, you would probably do exactly what Alecia did at first, Wallow not leave you bed and just be all around depressed. But what if you get a chance at vengeance? Could you take it or would you simply walk away and keep being depressed and never know what really happened.

I think I would do what Alecia did, she completely transformed herself with the help from 2 friends and an anonymous informant. I loved what Ella aka Alecia did to the MC and how she got her revenge on them. I really liked Taser and could tell that there was just something about him, I had my fingers crossed that Ella/Alecia would not kill him. I am not going to post if she so did or did not, you all just have to wait and read the book. Also I would love an update on Alecia and Cade and Marcus and Sheridan.

My Rating:

Author Bio:
USA Today bestselling author Kasey Millstead is the author of Fighting to Stay, the Down Under Cowboy series, Vengeance is Mine, Illicit Desire, Fighting for Switch, Dancing With Desire and the Steele Investigations series.

She is a #1 bestselling author in the Romantic Suspense, Erotic Thriller and Western Romance genres.

Kasey lives in a picturesque location in country NSW, Australia. She has been married to the love of her life for 11 years, and together they have four children.

When she's not writing books, or procrastinating about writing books, you can find her in the kitchen whipping up baked goods or curled up on a comfy couch reading an awesome book.

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