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ARC Review: The Dating Quiz

The Dating Quiz by L.J. Young

Publisher: Penguin Australia/Destiny Romance, 2015
211 pages, kindle edition
Source: Netgalley
Release Date: February 17th 2015
Genre: New Adult, Romance, Contemporary
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Synopsis (from Goodreads):
Magazine stylist Dani Conroy has a tragic dating history. She's popular with men, but Dani is after a lasting relationship and the guys she dates never want to stick around. When her most recent boyfriend breaks up with her at the cinema, she decides to give up dating entirely.

Dani swears off romance and turns to ice-cream, old movies and her girlfriends. When she realises they're having their own dating problems, she whips up a quiz to unearth everyone's perfect partner and starts matchmaking – with unexpected results.

Meanwhile, her dedication to staying single is challenged by Josh Reeves, the gorgeous new staff photographer. He's not interested in dating either, although he won't say why. The two of them start hanging out as friends, but it isn't long before Dani is wondering exactly why he's not interested in a relationship – with her or anyone else.

My Review:
Dani is dumped at the cinemas, she seems to be a fun girl and has a great set of friends. Work is something else and they are an odd bunch and everyone seems to do everything expect their jobs apart from Josh work gets done and work get him and Dani to meet, though their first meeting really sets the tone of most of their interactions. It is the kind of thing that would happen to me and he sees the good side of Dani though, the funny caring person she is and can’t help but be attracted. He doesn’t date either though – so won’t coin in Dani’s dating quiz where she is searching for the perfect partner for her friends Susi.

So neither are dating and yet get on so well they start not dating. Not dating lets them be free to be themselves and to be honest it is a great premise of course in time they both want a bit more than that not dating faze, and that is where things start tripping up. Poor Dani is heartbroken but then Josh was too and it is catastrophe grown from a simple misunderstanding.

It is a fun read with lots of gentle humor and wry looks at life and I really enjoyed it. It is not just Dani and Josh though but the great mix of friends that make it so much more fun and the way romance crops ups where you least expect it. It is great for a one off for me, so if you just want something simple feel good romance with some real feeling humor this is the book you want.

My Rating:

Author Bio:

L.J. Young was born and raised in Melbourne with an older brother and sister, which is why she's very loud. She spent most of her early years on a skateboard or at the beach.

She started writing her first book when she was 12-years-old, with her best friend Leah. It was always going to be confusing so, from then on, she decided to write on her own.

Since then, Leah has written many manuscripts, thousands of advertisements and a few articles. She's also lived overseas, studied Film and TV and attempted to wear fake eyelashes with decorum.

She now lives in Yarraville with her own alpha male, Greg, and their three daughters, Mazzy, Lulu and Poppy, who think it's, like, ace, that their mum is published.

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