Thursday, November 20, 2014

ARC Review: The Curse Breakers (The Curse Keepers #2)

The curse breakers (The Curse Keepers #2) by Denise Grover Swank

Publisher: Amazon Publishing
406 pages, kindle edition
Source: Netgalley
Genre: New Adult, Romance, Fantasy, Paranormal
Link: Goodreads

For more than four hundred years, the Curse Keepers guarded the barrier between the human and spirit realms. All that changed the day Ellie Lancaster met Collin Dailey. Prophecy demanded they defend the world from evil…even as it ignited a passion that threatened to consume them both.

Now Ellie faces a frightening new life, abandoned by the man she loves and tormented by malevolent spirits unleashing their vengeance upon the earth. Her only shot at protecting humanity—and herself—from the demon scourge is to claim the mark of the god Ahone as her own. Finding it means trusting Dr. David Preston, a handsome professor of Native American studies whose skepticism is surpassed only by his attraction to Ellie. Together they must finish what the Curse Keepers began, defying the forces of darkness to face hell on earth—and unlock the truth of Ellie’s destiny.

My Review:
Ellie is a curse keeper, it’s a responsibility and a burden that is passed down from generation to generation for the last 400 years. There is one other curse keeper from a different line that is a yin to her yang. Collin had changed Ellie’s destined path the nano-second he waltzed into her life, forcing her to confront what she has always thought were fairy tale stories. Now that she knows everything her father has told her about the curse of the Roanoke Lost Colony is true, Ellie must now accept her fate and do everything in her power to save the world.

After a heart breaking betrayal Ellie is trying to pick up the pieces of her now shattered trust and keep fighting against seemingly impossible odds. She has had a chance at defeating the release sprit if Collin her soul mate was still on with helping her, but abandoned and betrayed she must figure it out another way to stop the sprits from killing the innocents.

Ellie seeks help from Native American expert and professor, Dr. David Preston while she feels she can never love trust another. David seeps quietly into her heart with his patience, understand and steadfast loyalty. It is not the electric passion that she had with Collin, but it is the relationship like her mother’s and father’s that she always wanted and it feels like being home. But can she choose between the man who holds her heart and the one that owns her soul?

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