Monday, December 1, 2014

ARC Review: Zoey And The Nice Guy (Big Girl Panties #1)

Zoey And The Nice Guy (Big Girl Panties #1)

Publisher: Carter Ashby, 2014
314 pages, kindle edition
Source: Netgalley
Genre: Contemporary, Romance, New Adult
Link: Goodreads

For Zoey Odell, the definition of family is her two best friends, Maya and Addy. So when Maya makes the decision to leave her abusive husband, Zoey is only too happy to lavish her with support and a temporary home. Unfortunately, taking in her best friend also means seeing more of that no good do-gooder, Kellen Bradley.

For Kellen, the definition of family has just been shattered. After finding out that his brother is an abusive monster, he can’t help but question himself and his parents. The one thing he knows for certain is that he’ll do anything to take care of his sister-in-law and her children. For them, he would walk into gunfire, pass through the flames of hell…even go head-to-head with Zoey Odell.

Zoey has no intention of letting him in, but Kellen is done taking her crap. Life has just gotten real and he’s more than ready to shed his nice-guy image. When he finally stands up to her, Zoey starts seeing him in a new light. As the attraction turns mutual, she finds it more and more difficult to hide behind her carefully formed walls. And Kellen is finding himself more and more driven to tear those walls down.
My Review:
Zoey is a bloody mama bear. She will not let other people put her down and she will always defend herself and the people she loves till her last breath. Kellen is out Mr. Nice Guy. He is always being nice to everyone he come into contact with and it’s hard for him to show anger towards other people. Zoey and Kellen’s lives are becoming more intertwined when Zoey’s best friend, Kellen sister-in-law, Maya needs a place to stay after leaving her abusive husband. Zoey is feeling the need to protect her best friend at all costs and Kellen feels he has to help Maya out because his brother was the one who abused her. Zoey just hates Kellen from the start because he’s related to the man who hit her best friend, Kellen won’t let Zoey put him down and something more can grow from their little interactions.

I really enjoyed reading about all the characters in this book fingers crossed the next one in the series is just as great. Zoey definitely had a wicked personality. But sometimes I did feel she was going too far but I also tried to understand her to the best of my ability. Kellen on the other hand is Zoey’s perfect opposite. It was nice to see both their personalities mesh well together and how they developed their relationship. They both grew up as individuals and it was wonderful to see it happen. There is something about Zoey, her and her relationship with Kellen that it would have been addressed somehow, early into the novel, zoey does admit that she has had a crush on Kellen for a while. Once they started the said relationship, which is never addressed again. It would have been good to see how that would have developed along with the plot.

My Rating:

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