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Review: No One Like You (Barefoot William #4)

22715924No One Like You (Barefoot William #4) by Kate Angell

Publisher: Kensington, 2015
320 pages, kindle edition
Source: Purchased from Amazon
Release Date: April 28th 2015
Genre: Romance, Contemporary, Sports, Adult
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Synopsis (from Goodreads):
No One Expects a Curveball...

For Rylan Cates, the gloriously sunny beachside town of Barefoot William may be home, but the pro baseball player needs to focus on spring training. Hiring a personal assistant to keep him and his four dogs organized for the next eight weeks is the first step--and Beth Avery is the perfect pinch hitter.

Beth is still looking for her place in the world, and a couple months caring for Rylan's two dachshunds, his golden retriever, and a Great Dane named Atlas should shore up her finances before she moves on. Except it's Atlas who won't budge, pushing her toward tanned, scruffy, sexy Rylan every chance he gets. One more strike and she's calling the dog out--unless she and Rylan admit that the attraction they're feeling is a game-winning grand slam. . .

My Review:
Kate Angell is a phenomenal writer of this exquisite romance novel that I myself fell instantly inlove with. There is this one hot sexy famous baseball player who hires a PA to keep himself and his 4 dogs very organized, he has 2 dachshunds, a golden retriever and a very smart and cheeky Great Dane that goes by the name of Atlas. But apparently Atlas has his own agenda, which he forces the lovely, beautiful and caring Beth Avery and his own Rylan Cates together every chance he gets. Who would think to know that a Great Dane can play match maker. Beth is doing this PA for the cash before moving on but with this smart handsome Atlas trying to force her and his owner to confess their feeling for one another, her job may have gotten a little hotter than usual and very harder by the second. In the time that they are together can Beth and Rylan admit their feeling for one another? Or is Atlas’s attempts in match making fail?

Author Bio:
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I live in Beautiful Naples on the Gulf of Mexico, Florida. I love the sunshine, as well as the seasonal summer thunderstorms. I'm a morning person. I enjoy brunch. I'm an animal lover and avid reader. I laugh a lot. My birthday's in March, I'm an Aries. My favorite color is purple. My lucky number is 25. My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. My office has lots of plants: bamboo, Elephant Ear, and TickleMe. I buy a fresh bouquet of flowers each week. I enjoy going to the movies. Try to read a book each week. Love museums. Can make popcorn a meal. Love Starbucks. I eat Rice Krispies for the 'snap, crackle, pop'. I spend hours at book stores. Like Saturday morning cartoons. Watch General Hospital. Favorite evening TV shows include: Castle, Supernatural, Big Bang Theory. Reality TV: Dancing With the Stars, Big Brother, Survivor. I've been fortunate to have the same editor throughout my career: the very innovative and savvy Alicia Condon. Authors I read outside romance: Carl Hiaasen, Stuart Woods (Stone Barrington series), and Richard Castle.

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